Pension Trustees

NTHC Trustees is one of the top pensions trustees licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority under the new pensions reforms. We offer complete and comprehensive pensions trustee and administration services.


The main objective of NTHC Trustees Ltd is to operate a social protection scheme under the second and third tier of the National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766).


NTHC Trustees has 4 main products which ensure peace of mind for our clients when their retirement is due. These are:

NTHC Occupational Pension Scheme
The NTHC Occupational Pension Scheme is a mandatory fully funded and privately managed occupational pension (Tier 2) scheme aimed at providing members and their beneficiaries with lump sum pension benefits on termination of service, death or retirement in accordance with the Pensions Act.

This scheme manages the mandatory contributions received from employers, which will be equal to 5% of each employee’s salary to provide retirement income and benefits according to uniform rules, regulations and standards as set by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.


  • 5% of gross salary for contributors of tier one
  • 18.5% of gross salary for employees exempted from tier one
  • Normal Retirement at age 60 and above
  • Early retirement from age 50 ( if not employed or self-employed)
  • Non-Ghanaians emigrating permanently
  • Medical Board declaring a contributor as no longer mentally or physically capable of performing the functions of office.
  • Upon Death, benefit is paid to nominated beneficiaries.
  • Use of lump sum benefit as collateral to secure mortgage for primary residence.
NTHC Provident Fund Scheme
A Tier 3 Pension scheme is voluntary contributions received from employers for amounts contributed by employees of the above-mentioned scheme in addition to the mandatory contributions. This helps employees have access to additional funds in their retirement.
NTHC Personal Pension
The NTHC Personal Pension Plan, a Tier 3 Pensions scheme, is a specially designed savings plan for you to make provisions for your retirement. Whether you have or do not have a workplace pension, this can be a good way of securing a retirement income.


  • Tax exemption up to 16.5%
  • No restrictions on contribution amount
  • Withdrawals before 10 years (formal sector) and 5 years (informal sector) do not qualify for Tax benefits
  • Employee is paid a lump sum benefit
SSNIT Informal Sector Fund
The SSNIT Informal Sector Pension Scheme is a voluntary, contributory pension scheme designed principally for workers in the informal sector, which provides members with benefits that are based exclusively on their contributions.

Any payment by a member is divided into two equal parts, credited to two separate individual sub-accounts viz. Occupational Scheme Account and Retirement Account. The Occupational Scheme Account serves as a form of savings account from which the contributor can withdraw after 5 months of initial contributions provided the account has a credit balance.

The Retirement Account, however, is a pensions account and a member is permitted to withdraw only when any of the following contingencies occur: Old-Age, Death or Disability.


  • Individuals that are not in group schemes can save for retirement
  • Formal or Informal Organized Groups (Drivers Association, Market Women Association, Second Hand Dealers etc.) can save for retirement
  • Flexible contributions
  • Normal Retirement age is 60 years (early/late retirement possible)
  • Members can withdraw from the scheme before retirement age subject to scheme rules.