Brokerage Services

NTHC Securities Limited is a Licensed Dealing Member of the Ghana Stock Exchange. Over the years, NTHC Securities has sponsored about fifteen companies to list on the stock exchange, including Standard Chartered Bank, Fan Milk, Produce Buying Company, Anglogold, Cocoa Processing Company and Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP).


NTHC Securities offers a comprehensive suite of products and services including:

Frequently Asked Questions

       Why buy from NTHC?
  • We offer free professional investment advice to enable you understand the ins and outs of your investment.

    In addition, NTHC has a wide variety of investment products. These include the Treasury Bills, Investment Management Account, NTHC Horizon Fund, Provident Fund Management and other corporate and institutional products.

       What are the charges?
  • It depends on the volume of shares that you want to buy or sell. The higher the volume traded, the lower the rate of commission. Total commission paid to NTHC, GSE and SEC is from 1.5% to 2.5% of the total consideration.

       What are the benefits of shares?
    • Capital appreciation (difference between the purchase price and selling price of the share).
    • No tax is paid on capital gains
    • You earn dividend (fraction of net profit given to shareholders by the company).
    • Certificate can be used as collateral for loan / Bank facility.
       How many can I buy?
  • The number of shares you can buy depends on the amount of money you are willing and able to invest and the availability of shares on the market. You can buy as many as you can afford.We recommend that you buy a combination of shares in order to maximize benefits and minimize risks.

       Who can buy?
  • Anyone, that is:

    • Individuals (Ghanaians and Foreigners)
    • Families
    • Clubs, Charities, Associations, NGOs.
    • Corporate Bodies
       What are shares (Stocks)
  • A security that signifies part-ownership of a company and represents a claim on part of the company's assets and earnings.

    When you buy shares, you are acquiring a legal and financial instrument that serves as evidence of your part-ownership or interest in a Company. Shares are ideal for long-term investment. This means that it is ideal to expect benefits after a year. However, shares bought on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) can be sold at any time.

    Shares listed at the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) are bought and sold through brokers like NTHC.

    The annualized return on the Ghana Stock Exchange surpasses the performance on the Treasury bill market in the medium to long term. For instance average return for the period 2000-2014 on the Ghana Stock Exchange depicts a return of 31.7% compared with 20.88% in Treasury bills for the same period, indicating a premium of 10.82% over treasury bills.