Asset Management

NTHC provides Asset Management Services to institutional, retail and private clients. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ objectives and risk tolerance and to partner them to ensure that our products and services meet those objectives.

Throughout our distinguished history, we have developed a wide range of innovative products to meet clients’ investment needs and risk tolerance. At NTHC, we recognise that every client has different issues to address. Hence we have also used our expertise to deliver solutions that are customised to clients’ unique needs.

Our products and services generally fall under the following categories:

Asset Management Products

  Ahonya Account

AHONYA ACCOUNT is NTHC’s investment account specifically tailored to meet the needs of our retail clients who seek higher returns for their investment as compared to bank savings and treasury securities. It consists of periodic contributions by account holders that are pooled and invested into Fixed Income Instruments that are liquid over a stated investment horizon.


  • Ahonya does not charge any fees. Interest is rather earned
  • It is open to all individuals and institutions.
  • Regular payment of any amount more than GHS 10.
  • Higher returns than any bank savings account or treasury bills.


  • Highly secured investment with a reputable institution. You will not lose your money when you invest with NTHC.
  • Higher returns on investment.
  • Ease and convenience ( our mobile staff bring our services to your doorstep).
  • No transaction fees.
  • Access to professional investment management.


  • One passport picture
  • A valid national ID.
  • A completed form.
  • An initial deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

       How Different Is This Product From Susu?
  • Susu collectors deduct (charge) contributors every month and pay no interest on contributions. Ahonya Account does not charge any fees

       Who Can Invest In Ahoya Account?
  • This investment product is open to all individuals and institutions either In the private or public sector and profit or nonprofit organization.

       How Much Do I Need To Open An Account?
  • This investment is structured to suit your earning capability. Investors have an option of selecting how often they would like to contribute.

    The following minimums apply for the three options of frequency: daily -¢15.00 and monthly –¢60.00

       What Rates Can I Earn On My Investment?
  • The Ahonya Account gives higher returns than any bank savings account or Treasury bill rate. The interest rate for your investment also changes when T-bill rates change. Depending on your investment horizon (91 days, 182days or 1 years or 1 years), you will earn the corresponding T-bill rate plus 100basis points (1%).

       What Charges/Fee Will I Pay For Withdrawing From Account?
  • There are NO MONTHLY CHARGES on your Ahonya Account .Investors who wait till the maturity of their investment incur no charges upon redemption. However, an investor who makes withdrawals before their investment matures will not earn full interest. It’s good to note that under no circumstance will your investment be lower than the principal amount upon withdrawal.

       Can I Ask For A Refund At Anytime?
  • YES. You can request anytime you feel hard pressed or need your funds/interest earned. However as an investment tool, it is suggested that you stick to your investment horizon to maximize returns.

    For your convenience and planning purposes, you will be notifies by the mobile staff two weeks in advance when your investment is about to mature so that the appropriate action can be taken..

       How Do I Get My Funds Back?
  • All refunds are made through our corporate account at The Trust Bank. Just notify the mobile staff during their working hours to complete a request from. Alternatively, you can walk into our offices and complete a request form. Your cheques will be presented to you within two working days.

       What Are The Requirements For Opening An Ahonya Account?
  • To open an account, you will need the following:

    1. A completed application form (obtainable from mobile staff or NTHC offices in Adabraka or Kumasi)
    2. Two passport size pictures
    3. Your initial deposit depending on your contribution frequency (daily -¢3.00, weekly-¢15.00 and monthly -¢60.00)
    4. A valid Picture ID (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, NHIS Card OR Passport)
  Investment Management Account

NTHC Investment Management Account is a service that focuses on giving investors better interest than the Bank of Ghana’s 91 and 182-day Treasury Bills and Banks Savings Accounts, and also creates a vehicle where the investment needs of individual or groups can be catered for in case of resignation, retirement, disability or death.


  • The applicable interest rate at anytime is always arrived at by applying a premium of at least 2% to the prevailing Government of Ghana Treasury Bill rate.
  • Interest rates are negotiable on funds more than GHS 500,000.
  • No minimum amount.
  • Investments are merged on request.
  • Top up anytime.
  • Cash , Cheque, Bankers Draft or Bank Transfers accepted.


  • Upon maturity, principal and interest will automatically be rolled over unless instructed otherwise.
  • Investment can be re-discounted during any time of the investment tenor.
  • Statements are sent every quarter and are also available upon request.
  • Guaranteed interest rates.


  • One passport picture
  • A valid national ID.
  • A completed form.
  • An initial deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

       How can I check the performance of the account?
  • A comprehensive quarterly statement on your investment portfolio will be sent by e-mail and post.

       What is the Expected Return?
  • We can assure you of a return higher than the prevailing Treasury bill rate.

       Who are the Managers of the NTHC Investment Management Account?
  • NTHC Limited is the Account Manager of the NTHC IMA. NTHC has over Thirty years of experience in account management.

       How much do I need to invest?
  • A person or group wishing to invest in the account needs a minimum of twenty Ghana cedis (GH¢ 20.00) to start and thereafter, a monthly contribution of Ten Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 10.00) or more.

       Can I increase or withdraw from the NTHC Investment Management Account?
  • The objective is to grow the client’s investment for the long term and so is expected that, clients make regular contribution into their accounts. Clients can however withdraw from their accounts in case of an emergency.

       How does it work?
  • NTHC Investment Management Account is designed to provide a highly competitive return on the contributor’s investment. It is highly flexible and it takes into account a client’s risk-return profile, investment objectives and investment constraints, allowing for a unique investment policy.

    With this service, both NTHC and the investor(s) work together to come up with an investment strategy. NTHC, the Account Manager, then manages the money in the account according to the agreed strategy.

       What are the benefits of investing in the NTHC Investment Management Account?
    • Investors will receive higher return from NTHC IMA compared to Government of Ghana Treasury Bill.
    • Professional account managers make the investment decision for you.
    • Investor can use the account as collateral for loans.
    • Investors can fall on the account in case of an emergency.(Within 2 working days)
    • Diversification of Investment.
    • Can provide a steady income stream during retirement.
    • No transaction charges
    • It can easily be converted into cash.
  NTHC Horizon Fund

NTHC Horizon fund is an open-ended mutual fund scheme. After the Offer period, additional Units in the fund will be created and purchased on demand by subscribers on an on-going basis at a price computed in accordance with the SEC approved basis of offer price computation. The fund is a legal entity incorporated as a public company limited by shares under the Companies Code 1963, Act 179.

The Fund is managed under the control and supervision of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints and contracts the fund manager through the execution of a fund management agreement. The Custodian, who shall be vested with all the assets of the Fund, is mandated by the Law and Regulations to protect the interest of investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

       What are the objectives of the fund?
  • The primary objective of the Fund is to optimize the investors’ total returns comprising dividend, capital appreciation on assets held and interest.

       What is a Mutual Fund
  • It is a fund that pools investors’ money to buy a variety of securities. An investor in a mutual fund is a shareholder who buys shares of the fund and each share represents a proportionate ownership in the funds’ underlying financial instruments.

       What are the charges when you invest in the Horizon Fund?
  • There is no charge for joining the fund. However there is an exit charge (load) when you redeem your investment within the first three years of your investment. An exit fee of not more than 3% in the first year, not more than 2% in the second year and not more than 1% in the third year and NO CHARGE AFTER THE THIRD YEAR.

       How do I know how my shares are performing?
  • The fund will mail statements to shareholders quarterly however, you may request for your statement anytime you need it by phone for a fee.

       When can I redeem my investment?
  • Anytime you wish to do so.

       How long does it take for me to get my money?
  • Up to three working days

       I have other investments with NTHC Ltd. Can I still invest in the NTHC Horizon Fund?
  • YES, you are always welcome to invest in the NTHC Horizon Fund.

       What are the benefits when you invest in the Horizon Fund?
    • Professional Money Management
    • Maximum Return on your investment
    • Profitability
    • Security
    • Quick access to your money/Liquidity
    • Diversification
    • Convenience/Choice
    • Capital gains are tax-free.
       Who are the Managers of the fund?
  • NTHC Limited is the manager of the fund. NTHC has over 30 years Experience in fund management and we manage assets in excess of GH¢20,000,000.00.

       What risk should I expect from the Horizon Fund?
  • Investment risk relates to the possibility of not realizing the expected return on the investment, either through dividend income and/or capital appreciation. Whilst it is not possible to entirely eliminate investment risks, the Manager will, on an on-going basis, have in place appropriate procedures and controls to minimize and manage the impact of various risk factors.

       What expected returns can I expect to earn from the NTHC Horizon Fund.
  • The Fund Manager believes that the returns on the underlying equities and financial instruments would, in the long run, outperform other categories of investment as well as inflation. However, the Fund Manager cannot predict or guarantee returns to investors. The level of returns in a particular year would be a function of the existing business environment as well as general conditions affecting the market.

       What is the minimum amount I can invest?
  • The minimum number of shares an investor may hold is 500 shares initially priced at 10.00 pesewas per share giving a total consideration of GH¢50.00. Subsequent purchases are subject to a minimum of ¢10.00. After the initial public offer period, the price per share of the Fund will be determined after each trading session.

       How do I become a shareholder of the fund?
  • Pick up an application form from our offices at Martco House, Ground Floor, Okai Mensah Link, off Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Adabraka – Accra. Complete the application form and pay for shares either by cash or cheque payable to NTHC Horizon Fund.

    BY MAIL:

    You can request for an application form by calling NTHC Limited on +233-21-235 817. Return the form with a crossed cheque payable to NTHC Horizon Fund. Please do not send cash by post.

    BY E-MAIL:

    You can download the application form NTHC’s website: Return the form with a crossed cheque payable to NTHC Horizon Fund. Please do not send cash by post.


    Make your payment into the accounts details provided below:
    Bank: Barclays Bank – High Street Branch


    Account Number: 1848865

       Who can invest in the fund?
    • Ghanaian citizens and Associations (including those based abroad)
    • Ghanaian Banks, Rural Banks and other Non-Bank Financial Institutions
    • Insurance Companies
    • Provident and/or Pension Funds
    • Foreign and non-resident investors
    • Social and investment clubs
    • Religious Organizations and Educational Institutions
  Treasury Bills

A treasury bill is a short-term investment product (from 91 days to 365 days) offered by the Bank of Ghana on behalf of the Government. Treasury bills are backed by the credit of the Government.

Purchasing a treasury bill is lending money to the Government.

Upon maturity, the government will repay the amount it borrowed plus the determined interest rate given at the time it borrowed (or the time you bought the Treasury bill). The interest rate payable depends on how long you lent your money for.

The good and interesting thing about lending to the Government through the purchase of treasury bills is that you may collect your interest upfront on the day you purchase the treasury bills. The money given you upfront is referred to as the discount value. The discount value is always slightly lower than the interest value that would have been paid on maturity date.

There are three things that you may do when you lend the money and wait till maturity date:

  • You can take all your original money together with the interest.
  • You can continue with the investment (roll over the principal) and take your interest.
  • You can roll over both the principal and interest.

NTHC is a primary distributor of treasury bills. You may buy your treasury bills at NTHC’s Front Office. The advantage with buying from NTHC is that when you need the money you have lent to Government before maturity date, NTHC will give you back your principal and interest earned to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

       What is the charge?
  • You pay absolutely nothing when you buy treasury bills trough NTHC. It is free of charge.

       Why buy from NTHC?
    • We send you periodic statements that indicate the position of your investment, and how much it has grown.
    • We offer free professional investment advice.
    • Unlike most banks, we buy your treasury bills promptly.
    • If you need the money before maturity, NTHC re-discounts them.
       What are the benefits?
    • Treasury bills are risk free.
    • They can easily be converted into cash.
    • Interest earned is higher than bank savings account rates.
    • No transactions cost. You do not pay anything.
    • They can be used as collateral.
       How many can I buy?
  • There is no limit to how much one can buy. It depends on how much you are willing and able to buy.

       What minimum amount do I/we need to start?
  • Ten Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 10.00) only and thereafter in multiples of one Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 1.00).

       Who can buy?
  • Anyone above 18 years can buy treasury bills. However, you can buy treasury bills for a person less than 18 years (a minor) and hold it in trust for him or her. It can also be held in trust for family members, friends or organisations.